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Top 3 Benefits Of Pre-Listing Inspections For Santa Cruz Home Sellers

There are a variety of potential costs involved when selling your home in Santa Cruz. If you're starting the process of putting your house on the market, you may be wondering if it's a sound idea to invest in pre-listing home inspections. While buyers are always encouraged to obtain their own home inspections, it can be very beneficial for sellers to hire an inspector for pre-listing home inspections. By doing so, you can get ahead of issues a buyer might find and prevent re-negotiation after getting into contract. In addition, there are a few other benefits of a pre-listing inspection for the seller. Here's what you need to know.

  • Eliminate the Stress of a Home Inspection by the Buyer Finding out significant problems with the house from the buyer's home inspection can spell trouble. Sellers can risk losing a pending sale or facing huge buyer price reduction requests after getting into contract by not being aware of the condition of their home before it goes to market.

  • Attract Serious Buyers It doesn't hurt to stand out from the rest of the competition. One way to do this is by being able to show your potential buyers a recent home inspection. This will instill confidence and attract serious buyers looking to make a deal with a trustworthy person who is not trying to hide anything. You also greatly increase your chance of receiving a non-contingent offer!

  • Ensure a More Efficient Transaction The risk of the unknown is gone following a pre-listing inspection. If a buyer discovers a problem with the home's condition, this will lead to them wanting to renegotiate the price or ask for repairs. This could mean waiting around to get estimates or work done by contractors once already in escrow. It could in certain circumstances (such as with sewer lateral inspections) also reopen an inspection contingency period that had already been waived.

Avoid these hassles with pre-listing inspections. We typically recommend obtaining both home and pest inspections, but depending on your location you may also want (or need) to get sewer lateral, septic, well, and/or roof inspections. Please note that sewer lateral inspections are required at point of sale in Santa Cruz, and repair costs can be tens of thousands of dollars. While this cost can be transferred to the buyer, it is very helpful to provide this information on the front end, rather than having to disclose new information once in contract.

To get a custom property valuation analysis call or text us today at (831) 200-8722.

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