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Private Property

We can help you:

  • Simplify your next move

  • Take the uncertainty and stress out of the equation

  • Become a more competitive buyer

  • Submit stronger offers

  • Close escrow sooner

  • Move on your own schedule (and only move once!)

  • Get more on your sale

Buy BEFORE you Sell

Buy before you sell bridge to close revest homes santa cruz.jpg
Bridge Loans Vs Trade In Loan Santa Cruz Loans.jpg

The Cost

1-2% of bridge loan amount or purchase guarantee amount. Our agents are expert negotiators and can often offset the cost of your bridge or purchase-guaranteed loan against the purchase price on your new home. Furthermore, you will avoid costs of moving twice, short-term rentals, double mortgage payments, and other reduced negotiating power that goes along with selling your existing home first. 

Ready to Buy Before you Sell? 

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