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We help families create wealth. 


Our founders created Revest Homes with the intention of helping homeowners maximize profits when selling their biggest assets - their homes. Our mission is simple - to put the flip back in the hands of the homeowner. 

We have creative solutions for your goals.

As experts in the industries we serve, our passion is to provide clients with the best customized solution for their specific situation. We are a team of wealth experts and real estate professionals with the expertise to maximize your equity and help you find your next property. We bring all sides of the equation together to make a seamless and unparalleled experience in home selling and buying.

Modern Kitchen and Dining Room

About Us

What makes Revest Homes different?

  • We invest in our homeowners

  • We take a modern, flexible approach to solving problems

  • Our revolutionary solutions maximize value and unlock opportunities

  • We are all about long-term relationships, not just transactions

  • We are constantly innovating and improving to overcome challenges in the buying and selling process

  • We add value, profit, and convenience for homeowners

  • We provide a comprehensive solution

  • Our team is with you from beginning to start

Leadership + Administrative Team

REALTORS + Loan Officers

Maximize profits on your existing home and secure your dream home today!

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