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Landscaping Improvement Tips To Increase The Value Of Your Santa Cruz Home

The outside of your Santa Cruz home is a buyer's first impression as they arrive. While updating and prepping your home for sale can seem daunting, making improvements to aspects such as the yard can boost your home's value if done correctly. Here are some ways you can enhance the value of your home through yard improvements.

  • Fresh Mulch/Annual Flowers - A simple way to turn around a dull yard is with fresh mulch. Some of the benefits of adding mulch around shrubs and garden plants include inhibiting weed growth, reducing evaporation, preventing erosion and more. Additionally, placing a few bright annual flowers from the local garden shop into the landscape around the house can make a big difference to an uninspiring lawn.

  • Landscaped Pathway - The walkway up to the front door of your Santa Cruz home should be free of cracks or designs that could spoil the buyer's first impression. You'll also want to make sure to pressure-washer your home's pathway to remove any built-up dirt that's accumulated. A clean pathway that creates anticipation through plants or a small hedge on each side is a great way to make the most out of your yard's landscaping.

  • Outdoor Lighting - Buyers appreciate a well-lit yard. Not only does landscape lighting provide a layer of security, but it also can show off your Santa Cruz home at night. With the development of solar-powered and LED lighting products, it's simpler than ever to install landscape lighting that's within your budget and can add value.

To learn more about selling your home quickly and for the best price, call or text us at 831.200.8722.

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