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How Homebuyers in Santa Cruz Can Move Out Of Their Starter Home & Into Their Dream Home

Are you starting to notice signs that it's time to upgrade from your starter home? Maybe your space has become cramped as your family's needs grow and change? For example, if you have young children, you might be considering a bigger home in a neighborhood that's within a top-notch school district, or maybe you are ready to retire and cash out on your equity. While the process of selling a home and moving into a new one can seem daunting, Revest Homes has can help you buy your replacement using your existing equity before you sell your current residence.

First and foremost, talk to a local realtor about your home's current value and what you would net if you sold it, taking into account mortgage pay offs and closing costs. Once you have a solid idea of what your current home will sell for, you can better determine a budget for purchasing your new home and start looking at options in your price range.

We know one of the trickiest things about selling a home is finding and timing your next home. Here at Revest Homes we can help you determine the best strategy for your needs, whether that means listing your home for sale first and negotiating additional time to find a replacement (such as a "rent back" after you sell), or obtaining a "bridge" loan so you can buy before you sell. Our Trade Up program enables you to buy your new home, before selling your old home with a competitive "cash" offer! That's right, you will only have to move once - directly from your current home to your dream home. And what's better? You'll have a competitive edge when bidding on your new home without having to deal with loan or appraisal contingencies.

Call or text us today at 831-200-8722 to get a free consultation to determine what your net equity is in your home and to determine the best roadmap for you to trade up to your dream home!

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