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Preparing for your Retirement Adventure!

A Fun Guide from our friends at HarborLight Investments

Hey there!

At Revest Homes, we care about your wealth journey. Part of that is working alongside industry professionals to bring you the best advice to building and maintaining wealth and generational wealth for you and your family. You work hard for your assets, let's make sure they work hard for you too! Let's introduce you to HarborLight Investments and hear what they have to offer, take it away HomeLight!:

Hi team Revest!

At HarborLight Investments, we're not your typical suit-and-tie financial firm. Nope, my partner and I waved goodbye to the hustle of Wall Street to embark on a mission: putting our financial prowess to work for folks like you. Our firm, founded in 2016, is all about personalized investment management and comprehensive financial planning tailored to individuals and families.

From coast to coast, stretching from the sun-kissed lands of California to the cozy corners of New England, we've been fortunate to assist a diverse array of clients, managing just a smidge under $100 million in assets. But hey, numbers aside, what really gets us buzzing is hearing our clients sing praises about:

  • Getting to work directly with their personal wealth manager

  • Having their investments managed in-house with zero outsourcing

  • Partnering with a fee-only, fiduciary team that always has their best interests at heart

  • Enjoying that tranquil peace of mind that comes with working alongside Certified Financial Planner™ professionals

Alrighty, now that you're all caught up on what we're about, let's dive into the reason for today's chitchat. How's your long-term financial plan shaping up? To sprinkle a little magic your way, we've cooked up a nifty checklist that we believe could be your golden ticket to pre-retirement peace and financial security.

A Pre-Retirement Checklist: 7 Steps for Your Financial Future

  1. Dream Big: Picture your post-retirement life and its financial implications. Where do you want to live? What's your dream routine? Will you be globetrotting or cultivating your garden? Your answers can impact the timing and cost of your retirement.

  2. Social Security Smarts: Get cozy with your Social Security benefits and pension options. Knowing what to expect financially and understanding your pension can be game-changers in your retirement planning.

  3. Debt Dilemma: Aim to bid adieu to debts before retirement. If you have lingering debts like a mortgage, it's time to craft a strategy to handle them in your golden years.

  4. Medicare Mastery: Dive into the world of Medicare, the federal health insurance for those 65 and older. Rising healthcare costs mean understanding how Medicare supports your needs is key. Also, peek into long-term care insurance—it's worth exploring!

  5. 401(k) Decisions: Got a 401(k)? Pre-retirement is prime time to decide its fate. You can roll it into an IRA, keep it where it is, or explore other options. Psst... did you know about penalty-free withdrawals if you leave your job the year you turn 55?

  6. Tax Talk: Think about tax planning strategies like Roth conversions. When your income levels hit specific thresholds, a Roth IRA conversion might be your ticket to continued contributions.

  7. Investment Reinvention: As retirement nears, chat with a financial planner to reassess your goals and risk tolerance. Your approach to risk might change, and recalibrating your investments is a savvy move.

Phew, that's a lot of ground covered, huh? If you're itching to chat more about about your retirement readiness, we're all ears!

Cheers to a future filled with financial zest and a retirement adventure that's tailor-made for you!

Christopher Sheehy, CFP®CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ HarborLight Investments (831) 291 3843

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