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Ho, Ho, Home for the Holidays!

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Have you been experiencing the grueling struggle of home shopping all year? Maybe you need that last bonus or to hit your Q4 goals before you have the perfect down payment amount. Take it from me - I know what it's like to be a holiday home buyer! My spouse and I purchased our home November 18th and we moved in and ate our first Thanksgiving on a card table with folding chairs! I’m going to give you some tips and tricks to master this season of homebuying. Because believe it or not NOW is the best time to make a home purchase!

Happy November, as you may have noticed the housing market is S L O W, this is very normal. Real estate is cyclical with most homes going on the market in Spring and having a ghost town of inventory in Fall and Winter. Don’t be discouraged! This is a great opportunity for you to get those offers out there. Here are some great ways to find your dream home that your agent may not have tapped into yet.

  1. Homes that came off the market Nov. 1st this may mean that with Holiday stress and the season the owners are taking a break from marketing.

What to do? Ask your agent for a list of homes that came off the market recently and reach out to the listing agents to see if they would be interested in a quick closing at asking price (or even a touch below)

  1. Homes that are priced “too high.” We know that when homes are priced too high, they sit on the market, meaning that there might be nothing wrong with the property except for the price!

What to do? Look at properties at the top or even just above (50K is a sweet spot) your budget and see what the average days on market is in your area. Anything over the average days on market is a great opportunity to come in at a more fair price. Ask your agent to do average SOLD comparisons for the area to find a true market value. Offering a fair price, backed with data, and negotiating a quick close can make your offer shine.

  1. Now for the big “secret” when it comes to getting your offer accepted - it's all about the relationship. When I talk to another party in a transaction I make sure they know and can relate to the homebuyers. Ex: “Jane and Jill are purchasing this home, they are so excited to move to this area and celebrate the holidays in front of the fireplace at 123 Main St.”

What to do? Interview your agent well, nowadays most have the idea that finding an agent is quick and easy with a few clicks on whichever website you are browsing. That’s true, you will quickly be connected to an agent. But you deserve to find an agent that vibes with you. Cruise their website, social media, go get coffee with a couple agents before you find the one you can be sure will advocate for you, especially if you want to get in your home on a deadline!

So, take a deep breath and you got this! Remember any home has a family on the other side of it trying to get through the holiday season. You and your agent can make a win-win situation for you getting home for the holidays and for them to wrap up this chapter and year with a bang! Need help? I got you - call or text me at 831-888-7530.

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